Do we need any additional hardware to use Ur Waittime?
Ur Waittime does not require any additional hardware or software.
Can Ur Waittime be used in multiple locations?
Multiple locations can be managed with a single location with user account
Do visitors/customers need to download any app on their mobile to use?
No, app is required. The phone browser is more than enough. Visitors/customers need to ensure that their location services are enabled.
How long does the set up take for one location?
If all information regarding Client, locations and units are provided, set up will take less than an hour to be up and running
Do we have the option to set up departments within a department?
Yes, our next update will allow you to set up departments within departments.
Can we control foot traffic in multiple departments of a location?
Yes, multiple departments of a locations can be set up. For now, 5 departments per location is included in every package. If more departments are required, please contact us at support@urwaittime.com
Can we limit the number of people who can be on my premises?
Default value can be provided by your site admin to limit the maximum number of people
allowed in the premises
How do we get started?
Please send us your information in the Get Quote form and we decide on the package suitable for you and then you can start using at your premises.
Can we get real-time count of the number of people on site at any given time?
Yes, real-time information showing the number of people on site can be obtained at any instance.
How does a user join the line or enter the premises?
Display the QR code or URL at different spots on your door and/or near the entrances. User needs to go to the URL, register once and on selecting the unit /department will be advised either to join the line or proceed inside the premises.
What if a visitor/customer forgets to report exit?
Our system configuration has the option to auto exit visitors incase they forget to exit. The auto exit time is a configurable value based on the department.
Can a user join the virtual line when not in the premises?
User will be able to join the virtual line only when in the premises
What type of places can Ur Waittime be used?
Ur waittime is best suitable for any location with floating population. It can be used to control occupancy and maintain a virtual line in retail showrooms, hospitals/clinics, banquet halls, coffee shops, fast food /fine dine restaurants, events, open houses, bars/pubs, indoor activity areas, indoor swimming pools,
Can Ur Waittime be used in locations with multiple entry points and exits?
Yes, ur waittime can be used to manage locations with multiple entrances and exits
Does a staff need to be deployed at the entrances to manage line and store occupancy?
Initially, a staff may be needed to instruct and help visitors/customers use Ur Waittime after which there will be no need for a resource to monitor.