Ur WaitTime

Occupancy management solution to safely manage foot traffic in a systematic way


Virtual Line
Enable virtual line so that your customers/visitors don't have to wait physically in the line for their turn to enter premises. Customers/visitors can wait in the comfort of their without having to put up with extreme weather conditions
Real Time Occupancy
Ensure safety of visitors by managing occupancy in your premises as per government regulations. Complete visibility of the occupancy at all times to both clients as well as customers/visitors
Multiple types of notifications by email, text or push notifications to customers/visitors. Customers and clients can enable notifications based on their preference
Accurate Head Count
Limit and ensure accurate head count in your premises. Monitor time spent in various departments and modify arrangements.
Reports to monitor public entry/exit and accordingly plan for staff and/or store hours
Multiple Location Capability
Create and manage multiple locations with a single account. Monitor occupancy in multiple locations remotely from anywhere
Multi Unit capability
Set up and easily manage foot traffic at multiple departments of a one or more locations. Modify occupancy limit and time limit as needed
Multi Gate / Counter Support
Manage multiple entry and exit points of a department at one or more locations
Role Based Web & Mobile App
Easy to set up web application for clients and mobile app for customers/visitors.
Cloud Based Application
Cloud based user friendly application lets you sign up and start using the solution easily without any integrations or hardware installations
Time Limit
Set time limit for customers or visitors and notify if specified visit time is exceeded
Real Time Wait Times
Display wait times for entry to premises and other sections of the establishment on a screen at entry points and/ or on your websites

How it works

‘Ur WaitTime’ is an Occupancy management tool that helps manage crowd, time, customer shopping experience and safety.

Sign up and use
no client-side integration

Frequently Asking Questions

Do we need any other tools or additional software to install ‘Virtual Line Up’?
Virtual line up does not require any additional software.
Can we limit the number of people who can be on the premise?
Default value can be provided by the premise admin to limit the maximum number of people.
Can we get real-time count of the number of people on the premise at any given time?
Yes, real-time information of the number of people on the premise can be obtained at any instance.